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Versatile Small Bag #Leopard
Versatile Small Bag #Leopard
Versatile Small Bag #Leopard
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Versatile Bag Leopard

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This versatile bag can be worn in different ways, for example, as a shoulder bag, waist belt-bag, or handbag. This timeless but at the same multifunctional design, aims to complement a variety of outfits and to reduce the need for purchasing new trends.

Size: 20x15cmx5cm

Arm belt: min.50cm max.80cm

Hand belt: 28cm

All our products are made by a women and men over 50 who have lost their jobs, due to the automation at their previous companies. All bags include labels with a positive mantra that encourages every woman to be herself, to be simple, beautiful, and ambitious, to be in harmony with nature. This bag is a sustainable choice between fashion, functionality and fair production. A more sustainable future for people and for the planet with LIMITLESS opportunities for positive change.

Material: 100% Leather